"I was very impressed with your program. What was most impressive was the use of time and the diversity of activities in which  the children were engaged. From yoga, to free play to choices. The use of group discussion and individual reflection in two languages provided opportunities for children to gain meaning and integrate information. The chickens provided an opportunity for project based learning and scientific inquiry. All of this in a half day with a snack!"
-Dr. Sherri Killins, Former Commissioner of Early Childhood Education and Care for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

"I feel incredibly fortunate to have found a place like Little Halos for my children. It's the perfect mix of Greek language, culture, education and family-like environment. Having had the opportunity to volunteer at the school, I'm continually amazed at the different things the children are exposed to and how much they are learning! Savina is so excited to come home and tell me about her day, sing the new Greek song she learned, read her new short story to me or impress me with the answer to '4+4'.

This is Savina's last year at Little Halos and I'm not sure who is more sad about it, she or I. I cannot say enough great things about her time here. All the teachers and students have become like a second family to her. She absolutely adores them! I really wish the school continued through elementary school as well. My only consolation is that Mihali will start going to Little Halos in the fall.
-Maria Koutouzis

"Little Halos is the best kept secret amongst Greek-American families. K. Kaiti's pedigree education, professional work experience of over 30 years teaching in the public sector, as well as her love of teaching culminated in the Little Halos Day School. The program not only competes with private schools that offer PreK programs, in terms of content and instruction, but exceeds most private school standards with regards to teacher/student ratio, level of personalized instruction, cultural and bi-lingual instruction. With the school located within the church walls, we have a peace of mind that our children are safe and well looked after. Furthermore, the morals, culture and accepted behaviors the children learn at school are mere extensions of what is taught at home. We couldn't ask for anything better." 
-The Lull Family
"Our son is getting a priceless education at the Little Halos. In as little as a few weeks of beginning the program, my husband and I see a significant difference in the way he interacts socially and academically.  At home, he often recites lessons and songs that he learned in school.  He has acquired valuable pre-school skills that will accelerate his early education. In addition, my son loves his teachers; their dedication and love for the children is clearly evident. I would recommend the Little Halos program to any family that wants to expose their child to Greek-American culture, religion and education." 
-Mina Papoulidis

I feel that Thano has learned many wonderful things at Little Halos.  I see how he waits his turn now when he is with other children. Thano is fascinated by music.  He learned many songs that he sings on his own, at any time of the day. He also pays more attention when it comes to story time. Another thing I loved about Little Halos was that they made him feel proud of being a big brother.  The transition was easier on him since it was also brought into his classroom.  He understood that he was of importance to having a new baby in the family."
-Maria Meimaris

The Little Halos Day School at Saint Athanasius has exceeded our expectations!  Our daughter Alexandra has enjoyed her 2 years at Little Halos and each day learned something new and fascinating!  Little Halos cultivates a child’s creativity, fosters their learning in both the English and Greek language and allows them to have fun!  There are a couple of moments that truly showcase the cultural focus Little Halos creates for its students.  Recently, Alexandra came home excited to explain to us what the musical terms of piano, forte, crescendo and decrescendo were!  Another example was when the class learned about artist Henri Matisse, and identifying his works of art!  Alexandra is always bringing something exciting home for us to see!  She enjoyed making all sorts of keepsakes from festive ornaments, colorful murals, and delicious cookies.  By the end of the year, Alexandra will have quite the collection of her very own masterpieces!  We also always enjoy times when we would catch her singing a song that she had learned at school.  The immersion into the Greek language and culture reinforced what she is learning at home.  We feel very comfortable that she is learning in both Greek and English, allowing her to further develop both languages.  Finally, we cannot say enough about the teachers at Little Halos, along with the guidance and direction of Kyria Kaiti!  From the moment you walk in, you are welcomed and greeted and is always a warm, and nurturing environment for Alexandra.  She enjoys every moment, and we highly recommend this program!  
-Althea and John Ioakimidis